Jul 24, 2012

Hon Khoai Island to become eco-tourism site

Vietnam Tours - Hon Khoai island
Hon Khoai island
From Threeland Travel's Blog - July 2012

The southernmost province of Ca Mau is currently planning to turn Hon Khoai Island into an eco-tourism site, using an estimated capital of over VND3 trillion.

As part of the initiative, a 20 km bridge linking the island to the mainland will be built at a cost of more than VND1 trillion, besides restaurants, hotels and entertainment centers.

Pham Thanh Tuoi, Chairman of the Ca Mau People’s Committee, said that at the moment the local authority is selecting suitable investors for the project with the aim of starting work on some items by the end of this year.

Hon Khoai is actually a group of five small islands, including Hon Sao, Hon Doi Moi, Hon Da Le and Hon Tuong.

Located in southwest of Ngoc Hien District, the island is uninhabited and is completely covered with primeval forests, which are home to hundreds of rare species of fauna and flora.

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