Oct 3, 2012

Laos readies accommodation for ASEM Summit guests

ASEM 9 - Laos
From Threeland Travel's Blog - October 2012
Laos is pulling out all the stops to provide delegates to the 9th Asia-Europe Meeting Summit with comfortable accommodation, despite the limited options available in the country.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairperson of the sub-committee responsible for protocol, venues, accommodation, and personnel preparation for the Summit, Ms Sounthone Xayachak, conveyed the message on Friday when updating the local press on preparations for the event.

“Even though we face a challenge with accommodation arrangements for our guests because we don’t have much in the way of international standard hotels, we will make every effort to satisfy them with the accommodation we have available,” she said.

Ms Sounthone said the Summit is the biggest event that Laos has ever hosted, so the government is paying special attention to building the necessary facilities for this most significant occasion.

The shortage of international standard accommodation is a challenge for Laos in hosting the event, as many ASEM member countries want their delegations to stay at top class hotels with a full range of services.

To solve the problem, Ms Sounthone said her sub-committee has ranked 22 good hotels and divided up the number of available rooms for guests to choose from. Delegates have also been given information about other hotels so they can make further room selections. “The Summit is the highest level meeting we have hosted and it is the first time we have been called on to host this conference, so we are making every effort and will do our best,” she said.

Regarding protocol matters, almost everything is complete except arrangements for the departure of motorcades from the ASEM villas, where heads of state and government will stay, to the National Convention Ha ll.

The sub-committee will conduct trial runs to ensure the most appropriate operation and timing.

In regard to personnel preparation, Ms Sounthone said things had gone well as far as both numbers and training were concerned.

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