Aug 1, 2013

Hanoi to preserve historical sites

Duong Lam historical village

Hundreds of historical relics and sites have been identified by Hanoi’s authorities for a US$286 million restoration project.

Once completed, the project will enhance the capital’s status as a regional hub of culture and history. Also by creating more attractions it could ultimately encourage tourists to stay longer.

Hanoi’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism director, Truong Minh Tien, said the city currently has 600 historical relics that are seriously degraded and need urgent repairs.

One of the projects at the top of the agenda concerns Duong Lam historical village.

Commenting on progress the director said: “The tourism department will work with the Department of Planning and Architecture to create a conservation plan for Duong Lam ancient village. The plan has been submitted to the Hanoi People’s Committee for approval.”

Another is the One Pillar Pagoda in Ba Dinh district. The pagoda’s roof is damaged and requires urgent repairs. The renovation project of the temple has been submitted to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for evaluation.

Hanoi has more than 5,000 historic sites. The authorities have identified 600 monuments that are seriously degraded and may collapse at any time.

“Each monument needs around US$500,000 for restoration so we need US$286 million for the entire project.”

The city is calling on private firms to help fund the project.

In addition, 60 seriously-damaged monuments will be restored at a cost of US$15 million. There is a plan to recognize many of the sites as historical treasures by 2014.

There is an ongoing project to list the city’s cultural heritage sites and that should be completed next year at a cost of US$611,000.

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