Oct 2, 2013

Vietnam Adventure Welcomes You

Kayaking trip in Halong Bay

One of the best ways to enjoy a river trips and cover all the stunning highlights is taking part in a kayaking trip. Along with many exotic kayaking trip in Krabi, Siam, Laos, kayaking in Halong Bay has been standed out in recent times. This kind of adventurous activity is considering the most gorgeous method to enjoy the scenic Halong Bay to the core and dig deeper into the limestone grottos chain, caves, drop-offs and stone tops. It will be all the more exciting taking a kayaking trip than just laying down watching from the cruise. 

Rock Climbing in Cat Ba

You should not miss the chance to explore Vietnam adventure by trying Cat Ba rock climbing. You will surely going through the most joyful part of your Vietnam holidays in Butterfly Valley, where stand a large clump of limestone attracting those adventurous trekkers. You can begin with a wall of over 20 climbs which are well-arranged in different level of difficulty. 

Also, remember to check out the Getto – a rock solid bare chunk of achromatic limestone – which is a local highlight with 5 hard climbs. It is really a perfect space for half-day sessions, as both the paths and the stones are impulsive.

Motor biking in all terrains

Don’t leave Vietnam without having a genuine motor biking experience, as it might one of the best parts indeed. Those lingering motorbike sets off into the remote areas of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The mobility of a two-wheel motorcycle in collaboration with a high-velocity is supreme. Other choices for your trips might be various from an elevated mountain cycling in the distant region; a breakthrough trip intersecting the mythological Dong Van Geo-park to a leisure trip discovering the Mekong Delta villages and lowland. Just remember to keep an eye on the route as the road is challenged. If you cannot drive yourself properly, just hire a driver with a reasonable cost to help you.

Definitely saying, you will not forget the amazing moments when you first begin to paddle along the halcyon stream, when you set out with your initiative on the cliff, or when you start the first time accelerating on a motorbike... They will all linger in your mind, light up your feeling of an impulsive trip with the most exceeding experience. 

 Therefore, why don’t you plan your trip and head up to Vietnam to fully join one of the most mysterious adventure? Stay tuned and be a famous wanderer with us!


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