Feb 13, 2014

Kyet Cave in Myanmar to be preserved

Myanmar’s Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry says its famous Kyet Cave, located between Loikaw and Shadaw in Kayah State, has been designated a national protected park area.

The conservation area will cover 166 acres and include Kyet Cave, situated 9 miles away from Loikaw, the capital of Kayah State.

The state government has organised a committee to improve access and facilities such as paving the road that leads to the cave, building shelters for travellers as well as installing lighting and water.

The 1,700 foot-deep cave is also called “Yarsu Ku” (Yarsu means gunpowder and Ku means hole) as people used to collect bat-droppings found here to produce gunpowder for fireworks.

The cave is one of the natural wonders of the area and can be explored with guides to explain the formations. It is open to visitors 0900 to 1500. The cave has a reputation as a place where ghosts are present, probably due to the presence of 4 to 18 foot-long coffins apparently placed there by rich people who insisted on being buried with their possessions.

The cave is regarded as a special geological zone and the natural environment around it is protected.
Kayah State is now mostly open for visitors, although certain areas are still out of bounds due to the risks that a ceasefire between government forces and ethnic armed groups could be broken without warning.
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