Apr 11, 2014

Cambodia’s tourism powers on

Cambodia’s closed 2013 with a healthy 17.5% increase in tourist arrivals according to the country’s statistics and tourist Information Department.

The country attracted 4,210,165 visits compared to 3,584,307 visits in 2012. Just over 2 million overland trips came from neighbouring Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

Data released by the Ministry of Tourism, late last week, showed Vietnam was the top supplier with 854,104 trips up 11.9% from 763,136 in 2012.

Other top markets were: China (463,123; +38.7%); South Korea (435,009; +5.7%); Laos (414,531; +63.2%); and Thailand (221,259; +9.8%).

In 2013, 47.9% (2,017,658) of all international visitors arrived by air. Siem Reap Airport received the major share, 28.1% (1,181,281) and Phnom Penh Airport registered a market share of 19.9% (836,377).

Overland travel accounted for 50.3% of all trips (2,117,454) travel through checkpoints with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam while sea travel had a market share of just 1.8% (75,053).

When all modes of transport are considered data showed tourist arrivals to Siem Reap province, home of Angkor Wat, had a market share of 53.1% or 2,237,286 visits.

Asia Pacific was the main source region with a market share of 76.8% and grew at 19.2% to deliver 3,231,892 visits last year.

Oceania grew 29.1% to 152,712 followed by Europe (+14.2%; 698,157), Americas (+7.7%; 263,175), Africa (+4.9%; 5,902), and the Middle East (+3.0%; 11,039).

Outbound trips by Cambodians in 2013 reached 871,646 increasing 10.0% from 792,398 in 2012.

Last December, the country attracted 431,807 international travellers improving 12.9% from 382,326 visits during the same month in 2012.

Cambodian Tourism Minister Thong Khon said China was the second largest source of tourists to Cambodia after Vietnam last year.

“The steady growth of Chinese tourists to Cambodia was thanks to the country’s attractive tourism destinations, political stability and direct flight connections between the two countries.”

He added: “Moreover, good relations between the Cambodian and Chinese governments have encouraged more Chinese tourists and business people to Cambodia… currently, we are working to attract more Chinese tourists, particularly to the Angkor Wat temple and coastal areas.”
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