Mar 18, 2015

Ho Chi Minh city (Sai Gon) made into top destinations for short holidays

Discovering the beautiful temples in Cho Lon, exploring the history of Cu Chi tunnels are two things to do in Ho Chi Minh city that Skyscanner recommend you.
Here are the 5 destinations with beautiful sceneries that you are advised to visit by Skyscanner.

With the high GDP growth rate, Ho Chi Minh city interests not only tourists but also many foreign investors. Photo taken by: Hồ Như Ý. 
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 
Being the biggest and busiest city in the country, Ho Chi Minh city (Sai Gon) is sometimes misunderstood as the capital of Vietnam. If you want to explore the landscapes of the city, it is advisable for you to visit Cho Lon – a place of many pagodas. Moreover, Cu Chi tunnel is a great place for you to have a history lesson about Vietnam. This place used to be a revolutionary base in the war against America. These are the interesting things to do in Ho Chi Minh city that are sure to give you an impressive and wonderful experience.

Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Chiang Mai is the place where stands one of the most impressive pagodas in Thailand. Wat Chedi Luang, built in the 15th century, is one of the leading tourist destinations in this country. Visiting this tourist attraction creates a chance for tourists to enjoy and learn how to cook the stunning traditional dishes. Moreover, tourists can also explore the cultural landscapes of this beautiful city.

Hong Kong, China 
If you are about to have a trip with your kids, Hong Kong is a perfect selection. You can shop to your heart’s content at the bustling central of the city. All the goods here including the luxury ones (except for wine and cigarettes) are exempt from tax.

Medan, Indonesia
Mechan is a perfect destination city for people who have passion for culture and architecture. The Grand Mosque (also known as Masjid Raya) was built following the Moroccan architecture by a Dutch architect. This place is one of the most outstanding tourist sites in the city. Visiting this place, you can have an opportunity to enjoy the durians at Durian Ucok and sip a cup of coffee at Otten with your family and friends.

Perth, Australia 
If you are having a relaxing break in your mind, you should visit Perth city in Australia. A stroll along the river or in the green vineyards in the evenings is sure to bring you pleasure. You can hire a car to vineyards along the Margaret river or lie on the famous beaches in Cottesloe.


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