Apr 10, 2015

Farm tourism an option for Vietnam

HANOI,on 27 March 2015: In an interview Thursday, a tour expert told local media Vietnam needs a long-term strategy to tap the potential of agro-tourismin.

Quoted Ngo Kieu Oanh who runs a farm tours, local media said Vietnamese leaders must introduce clear policies. He said that "the most important requirement is to preserve traditional farming villages provide financial support for develop standards for the sector and skills training and publicity campaigns”

Follow Ms. Tran Thi Viet Huong work for Vietravel’s communication and promotion manager, said tourism needs to connect with farmers so they can tap the travel industry network for support.

An agricultural country with more than 70% of its population living in rural areas, Vietnam also has a diversity of traditions cultures and ecosystems. Especially, it still has many farm communities that on smaller plots of land that comes the closest to organic farming use traditional methods.

Follow the report said that "nevertheless, only two potential sites for agro-tourism in Hanoi. It is the ancient village of Duong Lam where tourists can help farmers with their rice harvest and fish, and the other is Oanh's farm."

Duong Lam’s relic site management board head, Pham Hung Son, affirmed farming tourism helps create jobs and improve living conditions for local residents, while raising awareness about protecting and upholding local traditional farming methods.

In northern provinces such as Lao Cai, Son La and Lai Chau, travellers can enjoy the spectacular scenery of terraced rice fields and witness farming methods that have not changed for centuries.


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