Jun 1, 2015

Laos and Myanmar Friendship bridge

LUANG NAMTHA : As the Lao News Agency reported, the first Friendship Bridge between Laos and Myanmar connecting the North of Laos with Myanmar over the Mekong river has been opened Last Saturday.

The bridge which is funded through the investment by the two nation governments is 10.9 metres in width and 691.6 metres in length.

The USD 26 million bridge was under construction for 30 months and was finished 5 months earlier than planned.

The bridge has a sidewalk which is 1,2 meters wide. The bridge can also carry up to 75 tons and withstand an earthquake of magnitude 7. Ships of no more than 500 tons can easily cross underneath the bridge.

The governments of the two countries agreed on the construction of the bridge in March 2012 in a visit to Laos by the President of Myanmar – Mr. Thein Sein.

The bridge connects National Road No.17 in Laos with National Road No. 4 in Myanmar and is sure to boost the tourism and trade between the two nations.


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