Nov 20, 2012

Ha Giang builds community tourism

Ha Giang, Vietnam
Ha Giang
From Threeland Travel's Blog - November 2012
The provincial People’s Committee says developing tourism is a key to improving economy and living conditions of local people in Ha Giang, a far-north province noted for its community-based tourism.

The committee vice chairman, Nguyen Minh Tien, said that due to its status as home to UNESCO World Heritage nature sites — Dong Van Plateau and the terrace fields in Hoang Su Phi district — tourism could help build economic prosperity.

Ha Giang located in northeast Vietnam shares a 270 km long border with Yunnan province of South China, and is known as Vietnam’s final frontier.

“As we have beautiful landscape, the province is an attractive nature destination for tourists who are looking for home stay and community tourism,” he said.

He added: “Ha Giang has been the poorest province in the country for the past 20 years, so we must develop the province’s economy using the platform of tourism.”

The province has 22 ethnic groups that can be used to host home stay and community-based tourism.

The provincial Culture, Sports and Tourism Department vice director, Hoang Van Kien, said: “Many residents want to join authorities to develop tourism and receive guests to stay in their homes.”

However, he suggested that the investment to develop community tourism should focus on just a few really spectacular villages.

“The number of tourism villages has increased in recent years, but when I made a recent survey I realized that some of these villages only receive a few guests a year.”

Mr Kien indicated: “We have three Tay ethnic group villages that are very similar and this wasted investment and resources. In the future, I think we need to develop routes using a single village representing one ethnic group.”

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