Nov 7, 2012

Myanmar hosts tourism event

Myanmar Hospitality Tourism Conference 2013
Myanmar Hospitality & Tourism Conference 2013
From Threeland Travel's Blog - November 2012
Myanmar to hold its first ever hospitality and tourism conference to position this emerging tourist destination as a major player in ASEAN during this decade.

Tagged Myanmar Hospitality & Tourism Conference 2013, the event will be organised by Myanmar Tourism Federation and a Singapore-based company, Sphere Conferences. Dates are 26 to 28 February at the Traders Hotel in Yangon.

The objective is to provide background and perspective for potential hotel investors, while positioning the country as a player with a big future in ASEAN tourism.

MTF said the event would help to outline the needs of the tourism and hospitality sector in Myanmar as well as to forge links with business to promote growth.

During the conference, the Myanmar government will also be present its tourism master plan, detailing a suite of proposals to boost tourism.

In a recent study released by the Asian Development Bank, tourism was identified as a key driver for both economic growth and poverty alleviation.

Most of the big inbound tour operators based in Bangkok maintained offices and joint ventures during the decades of military junta rule, giving them a substantial lead over tour operators in Singapore or Hong Kong who opted to wait for sanctions to lift.

However, it remains to be seen if they will now expand their influence after years of absorbing losses as sanctions held at bay lucrative travel contracts.

Diethlem Travel was the first company to establish a base in Myanmar in the 90s and continued to underwrite the office and staff expenses during tough times. Other players are Asian Trails and Khiri Travel.

The three-day conference is now available for registration online at

The official site announced four guest speakers: Golden Tulip managing director, Mark Van Ogtop; JA Resorts & Hotels president and chief executive officer, Kevin Wallace; Khiri Travel Myanmar office general manager, Edwin Briels and Indochina Land hotels and resorts division director, John Blanco.

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