Aug 1, 2013

Japan & Myanmar enhance cultural exchange

Flag Japan & Myanmar

Japan and Myanmar will cooperate to build cultural links and support the growth of tourism between the two countries.

According to local news report, Culture Minister U Aye Myint Kyu said cultural heritage plays an important role in promoting tourism between the two countries.

“Currently, only 10,000 Japanese travelers visit Myanmar, but it could grow to as many as a million in the future,” he said.

Myanmar and Japan are cooperating in culture, with Japanese culture shows visiting the country and the introduction of Japanese language schools. However, this is only small compared to the massive investment the Japanese government and private companies are willing to make in Myanmar.

Similar cooperation is being developed with the German government to support the tourism business the ministry reported.

German Minister of State at the Foreign Office, Cornelia Pieper, said: “Germany is interested in expanding its tourism business in Myanmar. However, it would be a lot better if more chances were given to medium-level tourism services and programmes.”

According to the minister, German tourists, who are booked on tours to visit Myanmar, face difficulties due to sudden rising prices. Prices needed to be stabilized, she warned.

“Myanmar has outstanding cultural heritage features, but the country faces the challenge of caring for and restoring its heritage. This would be best done through cooperation with UNESCO and other international organizations”.

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