Jul 7, 2014

8th Laos - Vietnam International Checkpoint Opened

Lalay International Checkpoint was officially opened in early July 2014 to boost trade and tourism between Laos and Vietnam.

It is the eighth checkpoint between Laos and Vietnam and is located between Saravane province in Laos and Quang Tri province in Vietnam.

Officials said it should help to develop “a border of peace, friendship, stability and cooperation,” but for local residents the emphasis will be on whether they can trade and improve their earnings.

Laos Deputy Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith told local media that two countries will continue to expand common border checkpoints to help people in the areas enjoy prosperity and improvements in their livelihood.

The Lalay international checkpoint is the first linking Saravane province with Vietnam.

There are currently 25 international checkpoints across the country, of which eight are located along the border with Vietnam, two on the border with China, one with Cambodia, 10 with Thailand as well as four airports with international status.

The Lalay checkpoint links with highway 15 A at the Laos-Vietnam border. It connects with Road 15 B.
These two roads have potential to feed traffic to the border checkpoint in Lakhonpheng district that has been identified as a site for a Mekong River bridge connecting Saravane to Amnatcharoen in Thailand.

Lalay international checkpoint is also part of the East-West economic corridor that links Myanmar to Vietnam crossing Thailand and Laos.


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