Sep 26, 2014

More visas issued at Yangon Airport

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Myanmar’s Department of Immigration says more than 70,000 visitors obtained visas-on-arrival at Yangon International Airport during the first eight months of the year.

According to the department, from January to August, this year, 74,503 foreign visitors entered the country on visas-on-arrival at country’s main aviation gateway.

Chinese nationals topped the list with Japanese nationals second, local news channels reported.

Tourists and business visas are available on arrival, but there considerable restrictions.

Most airlines will not allow passengers to fly to Yangon without a visa, or documents entitling them to apply for a business visa-on-arrival.

Myanmar began issuing business visas-on-arrival for nationals from 26 countries, 1 June 2012 and expanded the list to include nationals from another 22 countries – mostly European countries – 1 February 2013.

From 1 June 2013 to August 31, this year, at least 130,000 visitors obtained visas- on-arrival, immigration data shows.

They are not technically visas-on-arrival, but more akin to a pre-arranged visa that has undergone security clearance ahead of the trip and then endorsed at the airport, when the passenger arrives.

A visa-on-arrivals suggests that no advance preparation is required. The visitor simply arrives at the airport, fills out the documentation and is given a visa at an airport counter after paying a fee.

Myanmar also introduced an e-visa scheme 1 September. The e-visa is now open to tourists from 41 countries, including Southeast Asian nations, but not all EU countries are on the list.

The system is open to tourists visiting the country, but not currently available for those on business or social visits. Journalists need a special visa if they are on a working visit.

The entry permit will cost USD50 and be valid for 28 days for visitors arriving via Yangon International Airport. For other airport checkpoints and all overland border checkpoints, travellers must first apply for a visa at the nearest embassy or consulate.

For the e-visa, tourists will need to file their application on the Ministry of Immigration and Population’s website. It will take one week for the ministry to check out the visa application. Once it has been approved, the ministry will send an official confirmation by email that the traveller can proceed with their travel arrangement to the country. It takes around two more working days to approve online than when compared to a visa application through an embassy.

Once the traveller arrives in Yangon they must present a printout of the approval along with their passports at Yangon International Airport. They will also have to show the approval letter to airlines when boarding flights to Yangon.

The e-visa programme is part of its Myanmar Tourism Master Plan (2013 to 2020), which comprises of 38 projects. Implementation of the plan is expected to cost USD486 million. The returns could be significant if projections for tourist arrivals meet targets.

Source: TTRweekly
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