Dec 17, 2014

Laos' national museum is restored!

Laos’ national museum, Ho Phra Keo, urgently needs public donations to fund restoration.
The Lao News Agency quoted Vientiane’s vice mayor, Saythong Keoduangdy, as saying the public was being encouraged to make donations for the renovation of Ho Phra Keo.
“This is the third time that Ho Phra Keo has been renovated. The first renovation took place during King Anouvong’s reign in 1816 and the second one during King SouvanaPhoumma’s reign between 1936 and 1942,” he said.
The building needs extensive repairs especially at the apex of the main hall, prompting the government to establish a National Committee to be responsible for restoration work.
It will cost around USD2.5 million and should be completed by the end of 2015.
Donations can be made at the Ho Phra Keo temple, which is located across the street from the Presidential Palace in Vientiane.
Since 1942 Ho PhraKeo has been the home of the National Museum.
Hor Phra Keo was formerly a temple constructed in 1565 as the personal chapel for the royal family, and was the home of the Emerald Buddha after it was brought there from North Siam (Thailand), which was part of the Lanna kingdom at the time.
The sacred jade Buddha image was  later confiscated by an invading Siamese army in 1778 and now resides in Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok. The temple in Vientiane was transformed into a museum.
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