Apr 7, 2015

VN aviation to expand network

HO CHI MINH CITY, on 30 March 2015: Ministry of Transport of Vietnam is gathering feedback on a restructuring plan for the country’s aviation sector that if approved would be effective by 2020.

Saigon Times informed that the aviation plan called for a major increase in domestic flights at all key airports.

The target is to position the country as one of top aviation centres in Southeast Asia along side Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Vietnam Airlines will expand services to both San Francisco and Los Angeles in the United States, Brisbane and Perth in Australia, New Delhi and Mumbai in India,Doha in Qatar, Wellington in New Zealand, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates between 2015 and 2020.

Its expansion plans could spur Vietnam Airlines forward to ultimately overtake Thai Airways International in global network cover. The National Airline in Thailand faces a major contraction of frequencies, sites served and prepares to sell-off planes to balance its books.

By 2020, Vietnam Airlines and VietJetAir will also develop their cargo fleets to expand services to markets across.

Follow the report said that by 2020,the combined fleet of the nation’s air carriers will surge to a conservative estimate of 190 or 210 aircraft with 140 to 150 belonging to Vietnam Airlines and 50 to 60 to other airlines.


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