Jun 4, 2015

Higher revenue with more barcode systems

The barcode systems in Luang Prabang are about to be extended to more destinations in order to make it easier for tourists to pay permission fee at famous tourist sites.

As reported by Lao News, there have already been barcode systems in Kuang Si Waterfall and The National Museum (Old Palace). Incomes have been increased significantly, may be because of the elimination of pilfering.

Finance Department of Luang Prabang claimed that there had been an increase of 32% in the income thanks to the installation of the barcode system at Luang Prabang’s museum (Old Palace).

The report also added that the installation of the barcode system at Kuang Si Waterfall had made the revenue double over the last year.

The system is under the control of the Finance Department of Luang Prabang and the National Treasury via the internet.

There has been a request from The Finance Department for a purchasing budget to open more barcode systems at Tham Ting cave, Phou Si Mountain, international airport and Wat Xiengthong temple.


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