Jul 10, 2015

Minions promote Vietjet Air’s image

A collaborative deal between Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment and Vietjet has been signed recently. According to this deal, images of the Minions, the cartoon characters in a cartoon called Despicable Me, will be painted on the body of the brand new aircraft of the Airline.

It is now commonplace to see low – cost carriers selling their advertising space on the bodies of the plane. In this case, the partner is a movie company.

The Airline has previously made a deal with Walt Disney to paint the characters from Planes, a cartoon movie. The famous Mickey and Minnie had also been featured and the Airline sponsored tours for the actors from Mickey’s Magic Show when they visit Vietnam.

The Airline features not only cartoon characters but also slogans and logos symbolizing Vietnam’s images on its own aircrafts.

AirAsia is considered to be the master of advertising with campaigns painted on the bodies of almost every aircraft in the fleet and also inside the crafts ( apart from the WC).

EVA Air is wide known for its long – term collaboration with the brand Hello Kitty. vehicles. This Airline even established flying clubs for the young passengers and painted logos on the ground vehicles.


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