Jul 6, 2015

Plastic bags will become ‘extinct’ in Mandalay

Mandalay’s officials stated that they would discourage tourist establishments and shopping centers from using plastic shopping bags and courage them to use the environmentally friendly ones instead.

As reported by the Global New Light of Myanmar media, the development committee of Mandalay City had a discussion on how to become the city with no plastic bags with the owners of hotels, teashops, pubs and restaurants last week.

The city is currently facing a huge problem when the amount of household garbage is on the increase. The rapid development of tourism is also a cause for this rise.

Dr. Thwin Kyaw Kyaw, a member of MCDC, has set up plans to reduce the use of polyethylene and plastic bags in order to keep the cleanness of Mandalay.

If the plan really carries off, Mandalay would the first city in the Southeast Asia with no plastic bags.

Myanmar has been producing plastic bags for over 20 years. All the manufacturers have been forced to stamp the line ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ on every plastic bag since 2009.

Free non – recyclable plastic bags have been distributed in Mandalay in 2009 according to governmental programme. However, plastic bag is just a small part of the problem. Like the majority of tourist attractions with hundreds of five – star hotels in Southeast Asia, there is even a lack of elemental garbage collecting service.

The scene of a pile of rubbish with rats and flies is quite familiar to tourists visiting world – class cultural sites in this area. According to the report released by The Asia Development Bank’s Environmental Operations Centre in Bangkok in 2008, Myanmar is a country which has no awareness of environmental problems.


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