Jul 29, 2015

Remember to wear swimsuit on Danang’s beaches!

“Beachgoers visiting Danang must wear swimsuits” This has become the hottest topic at a meeting held in Danang, a beautiful coastal city in Vietnam.

Many complaints about the local visitors dressing unsuitably when bathing in the beach have been raised at the 14th session of the People’s Council of the city.

Mr. Ngo Quang Vinh, the head of Danang Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism said that the clarity of beach was highly praised by tourists but there was the problem in the dress code of the locals when swimming. They tend to wear more clothes and even sleep clothes in order to avoid the sun. This is completely strange to the foreigners who are the sun lovers.

 A controversial discussion has been triggered off between those who thought that there should a law compelling visitors to wear swimsuit and those who believed that the idea would violate Vietnamese culture.

There was also an opinion that sleep clothes for sea bathing was a huge progress since Vietnamese used to swim with full clothes in the past.

Zoned beaches for bikini lovers are recommended by Danang’s tourism Department.

The head of Tourism Department said that there would be a separate area for visitors wearing bikini or a bikini show on the beach to acquaint Vietnamese with this two – piece swimsuits.

Nothing about male dress code on beach was mentioned and the discussion on bikini was assumed to concentrate mainly on what female beachgoers dress.

Those who are against the idea assert that people should be allowed to wear what they feel comfortable in without zoning. They also believe that concentrating on the matter is better than compelling.


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