Jul 31, 2015

The collaboration between Vietjet and Boeing Company

A Memorandum of Collaboration between Vietjet and the Boeing Company has been signed this month. This means there are to be further support from Boeing in branding, marketing and training.

Vietjet are about to purchase more Boeing aircrafts and there will be further discussions about financing, commercial terms, flight and maintenance training, marketing, branding and fleet planning.

This Moc requires the cooperative efforts between both sides in order to achieve the target of enhancing the fleet of Vietjet air with the aircraft from Boeing Company.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, the vice chairman of Vietjet’s Board of Management , stated that their investment in the modern fleet was needed and essential to the development of the Airline in the Asia-Pacific.

There is also a belief that thanks to this collaboration, more business opportunities will be brought to the Boeing Company and Vietjet.

An incredible growth has been recorded since the plan was launched in 2011. Vietjet’s previous plan of purchasing 107 aircrafts seems to be useless with this rapid increasing demand.

There are now an A320 aircraft and 25 A321 ones in Vietjet’s fleet and this fleet is about to be expanded in the end of 2015 with 4 more aircrafts.

This Airline also ordered 6 more A321 aircrafts in the Paris Air Show 2015.

In the early of this month, Vietjet has also signed  a MoU with JP Morgan Chase so that the US bank would help the Airline with the aircraft purchasing and leasing.


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