Jul 28, 2015

The urge of visa exemption

Cambodia’s tourism industry believes that offering visa exemption is the easiest way to be more competitive and attract more tourists.

The subject is now becoming more and more urgent, especially after Vietnam’s decision to exempt visa for travelers coming from 5 countries which are Spain, France, Germany, UK and Italy.
A new regulation on visa exemption for 45 nations has been enacted by Indonesia’s Government this June in order to enhance diplomatic relations and boost tourism.

 There were also opinions recommending visa discounts and visa exemption for ASEAN region.
The chairman also added that the online Visa program which was operated 2 years ago did not function well and was uncomfortable.

However, Mr. Ang Kim Eang, the President of Cambodia Association of Travel Agents, believed that visa exemption was not the best idea and that more researches needed to be done about that. There are also concerns about the national security when entry is made simpler.

According to statics released by the Ministry of Tourism’s Statistics and Tourist Information Department, there has been an increase of 7 % in the number of international visitors coming to Cambodia recorded last year. Cambodia’s top tourist suppliers were South Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, France, USA, China,  Japan, Australia and Malaysia.


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