Aug 12, 2015

B&Bs in Myanmar

There are going to be bed and breakfast establishments opened in the remote regions of Myanmar once the tourism law was passed.

The first B&B might appear in Thandaung Gyi, a small beautiful town in the North of Kayin State.
Mr. U Win Kyaw, the Minister of Tourism Department in Hpa-an, Kayin State, told the local media that there had already been some operators ready to offer B&Bs. 7 operators in Thandaung Gyi are ready to offer guests B&Bs. He also added that B&Bs were advised to be located separately from houses and there had to be at least 4 rooms for tourist to accommodate conveniently.

Mr. Myo Win Nyunt, the director of Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, stated that the tourism law hadn’t been submitted yet and the Ministry didn’t have the right to issue licences for B&Bs.

However, if the Immigration Department or the Government approved, B&Bs can be opened as long as they are located away from cities and hotels.

This idea of B&Bs is sure to boost Tourism in this country since this would be a perfect choice for visitors with tight budgets.

Mr. U Khin Aung Htun, the joint secretary of Myanmar Tourism Federation, recommended that B&Bs be allowed in Chin states, Kayah and Shan, where the locals would love to provide such type of travel service.

However, these B&B establishments will have to be checked carefully by the authorities to make sure that they satisfy the standards of sanitary and safety.


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