Aug 19, 2015

Myanmar has to face tourism issues

Myanmar is going to have to face a rise in orphanages and child sex tourism. These are the emerging issues in not only Myanmar but also the Mekong countries.

According to the recent tourism’s influence appraisal conducted by the Institute for Human Rights and Business, the Danish Institute for Human Rights and the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business, children are really susceptible to the negative influence generated from tourism. What can be learned from the neighboring countries, especially Thailand and Cambodia is that we should put more focus on raising the awareness of both tourists and tour operators.

Mr. Naung Naung Han, a member of Myanmar Tourism Federation executive stated that
Child sex tourism was a problem in the country but not really a huge one yet. He also said the issue needed to be controlled before it got more serious.

He has just gave a speech at a golf tournament where the golfers requested young female partner from a KTV which recruited young girl from the age of 14 to 16 years old for sexual services. He declared that child sex was illegal but the case was that there was no law about it at KTVs.

The rapid expansion of tourism had a bad influence on not only children but also the environment.

There is a suggestion that the Government make up plans to control the bad influence that tourism has on the children and the environment.


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