Aug 20, 2015

Nha Trang welcomes ‘night beachgoers’

Although there are still safety concerns, Vietnam will zone Nha Trang beach for night swimming.

As reported, the local authorities have just granted permission for a company to zone the beach to serve the locals and tourists who are in favor of swimming at night.

Normally, people are not encouraged to swim at beaches in Vietnam after 6 pm since the lifeguards are not on duty at that time.

The company who applied for the permissions asserted that there would be lights, lifeguards and lifeboats to make sure that the beach was safe for swimming when night falls. And the zone is said to be near the hotels.

Mr. Le Huy Toan, the deputy chairman of Nha Trang, declared that the company would have to go through trial time.

He stated that the company had to hire bodyguards and install lighting systems in order to make sure that beachgoers were safe. The beach area used for trial will be the one near 32 – 34 Tran Phu Hotel.

There are to be no entrance fee and the night beach will be open for both tourists and the locals. It is not sure by which way the company earns profits.

Nha Trang beach, located on the South coast of Vietnam, is a wide known beach.


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