Aug 1, 2015

Vietnamese travel companies’ licenses need to be renewed

September 15th is the final day for travel companies in Vietnam to complete their re – registration. Failing to meet the deadlines means that they will be taken away licenses for inbound and outbound tours.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has extended the deadline to September 15th in order to give the companies more time. The travel companies which are under the local tourism offices’ jurisdiction are struggling with this new obligation.

All the travel companies with no exception have to renew their travel licenses according to the decree No.180/ ND-CP issued on November 14th.

Mr. Ha Van Sieu, the Deputy Head of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, declared that travel companies with non - renewed licenses after the deadline would not be allowed to manage international tours.

 The decree at first asked travel companies to renew their business license in one year.

However, lots of travel companies have failed to meet the deadline of January. This compelled the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to extend the deadline.

The amount of money which they are forced to deposit as a guarantee to acquire licenses has been raised from USD 11,462 to USD 23,000.

The tourism law asks every travel company to deposit at bank to solve the case when they fail to comply with the terms of the contracts.

There are almost 400 national travel companies with headquarters in Hanoi city and Ho Chi Minh City have not renewed the licenses yet.


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