May 31, 2012

Unwild Yourself in Kampot

If you want to slow down the pace while visiting the heart-shaped country – Cambodia, then one of the best stopovers for you will be Kampot – a lovely riverside town with an exquisite picture in the sunset over Bokor National Park.
Kampot, Cambodia Tours
Kampot, Cambodia
 From Threeland Travel Indochina's Blog - May 2012

The first impression of tourists visiting this charming town will be the range of ancient French style architectures in line with the surroundings – the surpassing panorama landscape of oceans, mountains and caves. This setting gives Kampot a peaceful and unhurried atmosphere. Embraced by the Teuk Chhou River, it makes the ideal based in which to relax after a long way wandering, and to prepare for an adventure to explore the local caves and tackle the challenge: Bokor National Park.

Kampot, Cambodia
 From Threeland Travel Indochina's Blog - May 2012

The national park still keeps its wild appearance with a refreshingly cool climate and abundant biodiversity. The entry is from 6 a.m. to noon but tourists can spend all day long discovering it. You can get here by car, but with quite a slow speed because of the cliff terrain.

Bokok Hill Station, Cambodia Tours
A wonderful look from Bokor Hill Station
 From Threeland Travel Indochina's Blog - May 2012

Tourists will be surprised, and maybe, a little freaked out with the primitive scene of the Bokor Hill. It used to be a French resort, but after twice abandoned, it has a genuine ghost-town feel with wildflowers, howling winds and deserted buildings shrouded in mist.

You must do about three hours trekking from the hill station to reach the Popokvil Falls – blurred in fog – and take a look at these wonderful streams. The best time to visit it is in the wet season. It will be a fine place to bathe in a sunny day, and don’t forget to swim in the upper falls.

Fish village near Kampot, Cambodia Tours
A fish village near Kampot
 From Threeland Travel Indochina's Blog - May 2012

According to Lonely Planet, Kampot “is not a town where you come and do, but a place to come and feel”, so if you have prepared properly, why don’t you head to Kampot, plan for an eco-adventure and also, witness the glorious sunset? If you have your decision but still need some helpful advice, please feel free to visit Threeland Travel Indochina and contact us. We will simply your best local friend! 


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