Aug 22, 2012

The sharp growth of tourism to Cambodia

BANGKOK, 14 August 2012: Tourist statistics in June showed arrivals from Thailand to Cambodia continued to improve, while arrivals from Laos surpassed the usual market leader China for the first time.

Cambodia’s Statistics and Tourist Information Department, Ministry of Tourism reported arrivals from Thailand in June doubled at 103% to 13,699 ranking it fifth in the visitor supply market.

In June, visits from Laos also continued to spiral in June, surging 85.6% (22,174). China visits grew 39.8% to 19,918, but it slipped into second place after Laos.

Overall, during June, Cambodia recorded 250,918 arrivals, increasing substantially at 29.8%. This growth rate was an improvement over the past two months: +24.3% in April and +22.6% in May.

Over the six months, January to June, arrivals from Thailand and Laos improved 90.8% and 87% respectively. They ranked fifth and fourth suppliers.

Based on January to June figures, the growth in June pushed the average up from 26.3% at the end of May to 26.8% at the end of June. The accumulated arrivals were 1,756,652.

Besides Thailand and Laos, arrivals from the Philippines improved since the start-up of the first air link (Cebu Pacific) between the two countries (Manila-Siem Reap) 19 April. Arrivals jumped 60.4% in May, +52.2% and in June, +60%. Due to the increase, Philippines has ranked on the top 10 supply list since May.

Vietnam showed a significant growth of 31% (72,385) after the rate fell to 12% in May. However, arrivals from Korea slipped from +11.5% in May to +7.1% (23,040) in June.

By region, all markets reported growth except Africa which represents a very small share. It declined 23% to 355 visitors.

Arrivals from Asia Pacific, accounting for 82.5% market share, grew 33.8% to 207,062. Over half of the visits, at 64%, were from ASEAN. Europe recorded a 14.5% increase (26,474), while the Americas gained 14% (16,472) and the Middle East, +9.7% (555). In Europe, the traditional key markets — United Kingdom and France — showed a minimal growth of 4% (6,419) and 4.2%(5,696) respectively. The strongest growth came from Russia at 61.2% on 3,356 visits.

The surge in trips from neighbouring countries was reflected in a further rise of land arrivals. In June, trips registered at overland checkpoints accounted for 56% (140,518), up from 54.3% in May.

In June, 42.4% travelled by air. Phnom Penh International Airport welcomed 54,359 passengers (21.7% share), while Siem Reap International Airport welcomed 52,084 (20.8% share).

Phnom Penh and other provinces welcomed 133,712 tourists, or 53.3% of the total, improving 4838%. Siem Reap tallied 117,206 tourists with a slight increase of 13.3% over the same period in 2011.

Trips by Cambodians reached 66,070, a 30.4% rise over the same month last year.

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