Mar 27, 2015

Cambodia’s travel growth rate increases by 4%

According to the national statistics and tourist Information Department, there is an increase of 4.2 % in tourist arrivals rate in January, this year. The country attracted 460,577 visits which is higher than last year (442,045 visits) during the same month.

The statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism showed that there were 76,707 visits to Vietnam compared to 51,013 during the same month last year ( + 50.4%). South Korea (73,059; -5.3%); China (53,165; +3.8%); Laos (34,458; +1.8%); and the United States (24,465; +8.5%) were in the top 5 leading supply markets. With the number of 22,250 visits increasing 39.6 % from 15,936 visits, Thailand is at the 6th place.

There are 57.0% (262,356) of all international visitors travel by plane in January. Siem Reap Airport gained the major share of 36.6% (168,539) and Phnom Penh Airport received a market share of 20.4% (93,817).

Overland travel accounts for 40.3% (185,550) trips through checkpoints with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, while sea travel is only at 2.8% (12,671).

Siem Reap – the home of Angkor Wat accounted for 49.6% (267,015 visits) in tourist arrivals while Phnom Penh and other destinations gained the share of 36.0% (193,562 visits). Ecotourism accounted for 1.2% (6,483 visits) and the share of Coastal areas was 13.2% with 71,072 visits.

In January, outbound trips by Cambodians reached 82,107 which increased by 19.7% from 68,618 during the same month last year.

Mr. Hun Sen - the Cambodian Prime Minister, said tourism played an important role in sustaining economic growth, creating new jobs and reducing poverty.

This year, the country’s target is 5 million international visitors, a rise of 11% from 4.5 million last year.

Top 10 source markets to Cambodia January 2015


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