Mar 13, 2015

Hanoi streets with famous dish

When travelers come to the capital of Vietnam, they are very interested to the roads where have been named by the food like To Tich Fruits, Cau Go seafood...

At these points, you do not have to wonder where to eat. You only choose favorite dishes because of restaurants menus for the same.

Che - Sweetened porridge on Dao Duy Tu Street

Che is available snacks everywhere in city. But Dao Duy Tu St. is the most crowded for concentrating of Che store. Here, menu of stores are also diverse with many different flavors such as: banana, corn, Indian taro,… The characteristics of all store is that Che is contained in a small bowl, exquisite decoration, beautiful and subtly sweet aroma pleasant

Tam Thuong valley with Fried Fermented pork Roll

Tam Thuong is a small valley on the Hang Bong st.. A place cannot be missed for faithful cuisine in Hanoi with delicious fried fermented pork roll flavor. About 10 years ago, there is only one store here. But at present on this street, there are about 10 stores for Fried Fermented Pork Roll.
In the night, especially, on weekend, small valley becomes more crowded by faithful cuisine of Hanoi. The aroma of fried fermented pork roll is being in the boiling oil pan that makes more attractive atmosphere of valley. Guests usually combine with bean plate and fresh green mango.

Ngu Xa Noodle Roll

After going along Thanh Nien Street, many faithful cuisines selected Ngu Xa Street is last stop for them. This is Noodle Roll Paradise with famous street name.
The way to make Noodle Roll is not too difficult but following evaluation of customer, this is trusted address by diners. You can leave your vehicle at the first street. Then, walk  and choose one restaurant that you like.

To Tich mix fruits

To Tich locate in among crowded Hanoi old quarter area and concentrate many delicious dishes. In there, mix fruits cannot be lacked. A cup is full for seasonable fruits, thick milk, and jelly.
Crowded atmosphere usually take place in the night and in the summer days. To avoid crowded, you should leave your vehicle at Ho Guom park and avoid rush hour about 9pm later.

Cau Go Seafood

Cau Go Street is famous for sensible price restaurants that are close proximity to one another. They sell seafood such as lobster, snout, snails, clams, crabs.
Go around Cau Go Street, you’ll realize the same things of all seafood restaurants. The big seafood pot puts outside for any diners always see or smell characterized sea, float in the air.

Hoan Kiem Lake Dried Beef Salad

A attractive small plate with fresh green vegetable, beef, roasted peanut puts on the small plastic chair. Many people were attracted when go around Hoan Kiem Lake Street by one. This is a famous address for dried beef salad. Only 52km, the amount of stores makes up more halves.


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